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Poems By Vikram Devasthali:
I Slept

in a crystal cocoon
oblivious to the glow of possibility
illuminating its fragile walls

the vibration of awakened souls
pressed ominously
against my senseless earsnecessity overwhelmed

my diffident heart
flowing out through juvenile veins mercenary sensations
formed battle lines

on the border of my dream of comfort a shot was fired
war is hell
but victory is sweet


In the Jungle

Sentient stones
are singing petrified parables
for an audience of tinted trees
on the canvas of morning’s regret.
A thousand vines of melody
sway to and fro in harmony
with watchful eyes that scan the humidity
for a sign from god.
The animal instinct of unseen roots
fills the ground with foreboding
that shakes weary travelers
from their rest.
Fugitive gusts of wind
trespass fitfully on dead leaves
that bear witness to the balance
emerging from chaos.

Life and death
are kissing cousins
laughing like thunder
at their disguised familiarity.

The knowing that does not speak
traverses paths made by water and time
to make an offering
at the altar of forgetting.

Birds pray
a treble psalm
of all that can’t be seen
by seeing all.