BREAKROOM First Edition: March 2021 at Le Consulate

Video Premier: January 2023 at Le 19m

BREAKROOM is a short observational concert film documenting an encounter between members of the Paris jazz scene, organized by Richard Sears, and members of the Paris dance battle community, organized by Idrysse Minix. The event was inspired by the dancer Nicolas Faubert who Richard met and collaborated with while in residence at the Cité International des Arts in Paris. Nicolas had a significant impact on the community, in part by organizing dance battles at the institution. Nicolas’s curated dance-battles at the Cité International des Arts provided many artists and curators with their first exposure to the urban dance battle community and practice, and expanded the Cité’s institutional reach. It was during these encounters that Richard met Idrysse. Towards the end of 2021, Nicolas experienced a temporary health setback, which necessitated a brief break from his work. Friends from the Cité International des Arts and the dance community rallied together to support him. As part of this collective effort, Richard proposed the idea of hosting a dance battle in honor of Nicolas’s work, combined with live music composed by Richard and performed by his friends from the Paris contemporary jazz scene. Idrysse curated the selection of dancers and served as the master of ceremonies. Filmmaker and fellow Cité International des Arts resident, Dominik Zietlow, captured the event on film and skillfully edited it in a way that seamlessly merges the original dance and musical performances.


Richard Sears  – piano/composer
Alexis Vallet – vibraphone
Sandro Verafa – guitar
Sam F’hima – acoustic bass
Guilhem Flouzat – drums
Francesco Ciniglio – drums


Lucie Boussard “Lus”
Nicolas Faubert “Kryza”
Florimond Samuel Frero “Magnum”
Sadou Gueye “Sade”
Ulrich Mbappe Koum “Sossa”
Nicola Misaine “Baby Fox”
Biro Soumare “Biro”
Verlin Zépëkènhô “Bboy”




Idrysse Minix 

Filmed by

Dominik Zietlow

with additional filming from
Lou Gorzkowska